4 Content Curation Tips You Can Take from Brand Success Stories | CMI

This is an interesting post by Pawan Deshpande published on Content Marketing Institute. Here is an excerpt:

“Many companies that are implementing content marketing are struggling with producing sufficient content.
Many marketers are turning toward content curation, the practice of finding, organizing, and sharing the best and most relevant content on a specific topic, rather than solely creating all their content themselves.

Here are some real-world examples of content curation at work. Here’s a quick overview of some of the more interesting applications we’ve found, along with some takeaways that you can use to begin curating content for your brands.

– FedEx:
Tip: Curation can add credibility to your corporation’s perspective on an issue by demonstrating that others who have no vested interest in your company still share your views. With curation, you are not republishing the content; rather, you’re providing additional sources and commentary on why these other publishers are in agreement with your position.

– Intel:
Tip: Curation responsibilities do not have to solely fall on your content or marketing teams. In fact, crowdsourcing curation can make content marketing more inclusive, participatory, and yield better, more interesting products.

– The Color Association of the United States:
Tip: You don’t have to limit curation to just text content. If your audience responds to other forms of media such as images, videos or audio, consider curating that as well.

– The Oregon Wine Board:
Tip: There is an opportunity for curation for every imaginable topic — even a somewhat obscure interest like enthusiasts of wine made in Oregon. If there’s no single, authoritative destination for your market, it may be a topic that’s ripe for curation (pun intended).

By having content curation involved in your company’s overall marketing plan, your company can save time, money and resources. Without it, your company’s content marketers will be suffering from burnout. Content curation is the only way to go.”

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